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Empowering Students and Parents to Overcome Learning Differences

Designed to Learn helps students with dyslexia and learning differences harness their strengths and overcome challenges to become confident and successful readers.

Unlock your Child's

Learning Potential

Discover Personalized Learning Solutions

Transform your Child's Educational Journey


Are you frustrated watching your child struggle?

Many students we see struggle to show their strengths in a one-size-fits-all educational setting. The lack of personalized attention and tailored learning solutions often hinders their academic growth and dampens their enthusiasm for learning. Parents are searching for a comprehensive and practical approach that can unlock their child's unique abilities, address their individual learning needs, and instill a lifelong love for knowledge.

At Designed to Learn, we recognize these challenges and are dedicated to providing a solution that empowers every child to flourish academically, creatively, and emotionally. Our personalized learning solutions are designed to transform your child's educational journey and unleash their true learning potential.

How It Works

How It Works


Through guidance and resources, we empower parents with comprehensive knowledge about dyslexia to support their child's unique learning needs.


Through personalized solutions and interventions, we equip students with the support they need to unlock their learning.


Through comprehensive assessments, we identify your child's strengths and challenges and tailor personalized educational recommendations.


Through our services, we foster parental confidence to communicate what they are seeing with teachers and administrators.

5 Ways (1).png

5 Ways You can support your child's unique learning needs right now.

You’re not okay with what you’re seeing in the classroom, and watching and waiting is not a successful strategy.


This free guide will help you understand what you may be seeing so you have the confidence to better support your child.

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