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Educational Experiences: A Comprehensive Survey for Parents in Kansas Special Education Coops

Updated: Nov 18, 2023

Designed to Learn is excited to announce the launch of a comprehensive survey aimed at gaining valuable insights into families' experiences within three prominent Kansas Special Education Cooperatives: North Central Kansas Special Education Cooperative, South Central Kansas Special Education Cooperative, and Central Kansas Cooperative in Education. This is the first of a series of surveys aimed at continuously improving and refining educational support systems. Our goal is to understand the unique dynamics, challenges, and successes that families encounter within these coops, ultimately contributing to the improvement of educational support systems.

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The primary objective of this survey is to gather first-hand feedback from parents regarding their experiences within the specified Kansas Special Education Cooperatives. By conducting this survey, Designed to Learn aims to identify key areas where these coops excel and areas where improvements can be made, thereby enhancing the overall educational journey for students with special needs.

Survey Focus Areas:

  • Communication and Collaboration:

    • Evaluate the effectiveness of communication channels between parents, educators, and administrators.

    • Assess the level of collaboration between parents and the cooperative in developing and implementing Individualized Education Programs (IEPs).

  • Parental Involvement:

    • Gauge the level of parental involvement in decision-making processes related to their child's education.

    • Identify opportunities for increased collaboration between parents and cooperative staff.

  • Satisfaction and Overall Experience:

    • Evaluate overall satisfaction levels with the educational experience provided by the cooperatives.

    • Identify any specific aspects that contribute to a positive or challenging experience.

Survey Methodology:

The survey will be distributed electronically to parents affiliated with the North Central Kansas Special Education Cooperative, South Central Kansas Special Education Cooperative, and Central Kansas Cooperative in Education. Participants will complete the survey anonymously to encourage open and honest feedback.


The survey will be open for responses from November 15 to December 15, providing participants with ample time to share their valuable insights.


Designed to Learn highly values parents' input, recognizing that their participation in this survey will play a crucial role in shaping the professional recommendations for special education policy in Kansas. By sharing their experiences, parents contribute to a collective effort aimed at fostering an educational environment that is supportive, specific, and tailored to the unique needs of each student. Thank you for being a vital part of this impactful initiative.

Thank you for your participation in this important initiative.


Designed to Learn will be analyzing the results of this survey. Designed to Learn is dedicated to empowering students and parents to overcome learning differences. This survey is being conducted independently, and the results will be analyzed objectively. Data, minus identifying information, will be available to fellow educators upon request. The purpose of this survey is to obtain unbiased feedback and insights from families in Kansas. Participation in the survey is voluntary, and participants are encouraged to provide honest and constructive responses. The survey has no affiliations that would compromise its independence.

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